We make cool guns, but don’t just take our word for it.


We have been made aware of a copy of our LifeCard that is not a real gun. It does not chamber .22WMR cartridges and does not have a serial number. It is prominently marked with “GG” in the place of our logo. This fake is not made or sold by Trailblazer Firearms.



Easy every day carry

May 27, 2024

I won my trailblazer arms as a table raffle supporting Holy Pursuits Dream foundation. when I got it home, I was impressed with how easy it was to operate. I took a test shot in my field and was impressed at how far the cartridge did fly. I then set up a target at 10 paces and consistently shot an 8 inch group Over and over my son came out and replicated the same results while it is truly a single shot in most forms of personal self-defense I can assure you I would rather have one shot than zero. total compliments to trailblazer arms. The only thing my wife wishes was that it cocked a little easier for her small hands. She has a difficult time getting it into the cock position , thank you for such an innovative design I would guess I have easily sold 10 of these as my friends have also been equally impressed and went out and purchased on their own

C Brent Wilmoth

The twin I never had

April 18, 2024

First things first I’m always alone and always on the go I use to carry a pocket knife but now I got a new buddy I call him Mr. Bond

Bryan Marquez

Love my lifecard - Its my EDC

February 13, 2024

Put close to 400 rounds through my lifecard since purchasing. Its the smallest gun that ive owned. Zero malfunctions.

Tre Woodson

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