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Couple of Liberal Gays from the PNW

Rated 5 out of 5
November 19, 2021

We got two and can dispatch empties hanging off branches from about 5 feet away with these. Having looked up worlds smallest gun the search engine brought us here. Immediately had to have two (one for each of us) at the start of the pandemic. Gun store was puzzled why we would want these and two boxes of rat shot instead of “larger” guns. More bang than it bucks. Louder than our friends .38 with one he|| of a fireball out the front. Who would think our type would even have guns? Still wouldn’t assume either if we were to be carrying this small of a package. That bigd swinging energy we strut with really hides a caliber like this on our gay pride lanyards. Thanks trailblazerfirearms! We have the stickers front and back of our car and get asked “what’s that logo?”. Answer is always the same -they sell serious assault weapons… looking forward to getting a matching pair of Pivots when they drop.


This is not a plinker nor a pleasure shooter!

Rated 5 out of 5
November 1, 2021

The life card doesn’t excel at much, but what it does get right, nothing else on the market can do.
I have the 22 WMR. I carry it deeply concealed in less enlightened areas where even the smallest mouse gun makes me nervous about drawing attention. This fits in my watch pocket and I forget that I even have it.
I put 100 rounds of WMR through it making that groove and a little muscle memory feel a lot more intuitive. It kicks with WMR and the grip while fully functional is not particularly comfortable. We are all going to experience different degrees of bruising to our hands while we learn this unique little system.
Fun side note. Because this is a single shot it can shoot 22LR all day. It won’t mess up the works like doing the same thing in a semi auto or revolver will do. I have no intention of using 22LR in this gun, not even really plinking. I love being able to carry some 22 subsonics for popping a grouse with.
I believe the new 22lr self defense round with its big heavy bullet will dispatch a grouse to cool over the fire after the days hunt.
This is a solid, very well designed little gun. It works flawlessly, the trigger is probably better than ok. When I’m deep in enemy territory or the elk woods, this gun does its job well!!!! Thanks for s great product.


Compact and well made

Rated 5 out of 5
October 9, 2021

Different is not a bad thing. Durable construction. Flawless coating, and strong/simple action. Incredibly nice & informative folks at what appears a family owned business. This is not a gimmick, but an unusual/useful firearm for EDC. Also a heck of a conversation piece.

Michael C.

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